Tokyo Metropolitan Institute
for Geriatrics and Gerontology


Kenji Toba M,D.,Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer


Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Geriatrics and Gerontology (TMIG) celebrated the 150th anniversary in 2022. We have been successful in promoting a primary policy of mental and physical well being in the pursuit of healthy life expectancy for all elderly, especially the most vulnerable.
The number one priority of community dwelling elderly's expectations for medical care is "effective therapy of age-related diseases" such as vascular disease, neoplasm, diabetes mellitus, respiratory disease, orthopedic disease and sensory impairment, which are known to be a top 20 risks for deteriorate healthy life expectancy in coming 20 years. We will focus on these diseases more vigorously.
Further, by establishing close relationship with medical and social welfare resources, we will deliver seamless services for better QOL after acute care, introducing our own ambulance and remote-medical information and reservation system (C@RNA).
We have started three strategical projects for preparing peak wave of super-aged society to prevent ADL-threatening conditions represented by 1) dementia, 2) frailty, and 3) education as follows,

1) Integrated Research Initiative for Living Well with Dementia (IRIDE)
To create
# Tokyo Integrated Cohort for risk reduction of dementia
# Innovative seeds of disease modifying therapy based on new mechanistic survey
# Original biomarkers of blood, sensory and neuroimaging.
# Biobank of resources such as Blood, CSF and Brain.
# Evidence-based non-pharmacological therapy for memory and/or BPSD
# Community resource repositioning to prevent isolation

2) Center for Comprehensive Care and Research on Prefrailty (CRP)

To create
# Elucidation for mechanism underlying the effect of exercise
# Elucidation for mechanism underlying the effect of nutrition on muscle, bone and brain
# Original biomarkers of frailty in the blood, sensory and neuroimaging.
# E-Frail information trans-department network and one-stop therapy and care

3) Innovative Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Education (I COME)

To promote
# e-Educational System of dementia for citizens including islanders
# Multidisciplinary educational system of frailty for medical professionals and municipality staffs
# Awareness to living well with dementia and frailty for citizens of Tokyo Metropolitan

We will go forwards to obtain a steady fruit by sustainable efforts of all staffs in the hospital and the research institute of TMIG.
To complete the mile stones in coming 5 years, we absolutely need a new building for institution because of ever increasing the mission from Tokyo Metropolitan as well as rooms for doubled staffs. 
We would appreciate your support.

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Masahiro Akishita, M.D.,Ph.D